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Muslims365 Features

Muslims 365 is based on CROWD SOURCE Data Acquisition Strategy to collect & display IQAMA Times (times of Jamaat) of worldwide Mosques (Masajid) on a single platform and give all the users ability to keep their Mosque's (Masjid) Iqama Time (time of Jamaat) updated; and our revolutionary MUSLIMS 365 App enables users to do much more.


Access nearby masjid, view & update Iqama Timings.

Global Quran

Create worldwide request for supplication or join others.

Global Tasbih

Let us complete the Tasbih Together.

Academy 365

Access authentic & diverse collection of pieces of knowledge.

Halal Places

Access restuarants and stores around the world, offering Halal items.

Live Streaming

View live broadcast from Muslim hub of activity, Makkah and Madinah.

99 Names

Recite the 99 names of ALLAH with correct pronunciation and translation.


Shahada is an Islamic creed (one of the Five Pillars of Islam).

Muslims365 Channel

Directly accessible from Home/ Me screen. View from thousands of